Sunday, January 10, 2010

It seems ages.

"You did like him." Seri, confident of that statement, said.

LIKE. The word kept ringing in Clay's ears. Like? Was she kiddin'? It wasn't mere likeness. It is, in fact, a strong attachment, an unexplainable infatuation.

"You fell for his trap, sweetie. He's no good, I'm tellin' you."

Clay can't bear listening to her friend anymore. She doesn't want to hear the next mean word she will say about Rou. She had enough. It was like a deep cut on the very core of her stupid heart. Rou was gone, she knows and he will never be back. But is it that foolish to hope?

As Seri and Clay was about to enter the school's main gate on that very sunny friday morning, Clay saw a familiar figure around the corner. Was I dreaming? She pinched her left arm. Ouch!

She stared directly to that brown haired male standing outside Blake's Ice Cream Store and her heart started to beat faster than usual.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Addiction One

Apologies for the unfinished story blogs. I really am SORRY. Preoccupied with several things but still working on it.

Let me show you one of the things that kept me busy these past days.

Yes, at long last the wait's over. I've been craving for this Starbucks planner/organiser/diary since when again? NOVEMBER. And I was just glad to have claimed it last Tuesday, 05 January 2010.

I'm beginning to love collecting things from Starbucks Coffee. *Sets aside how pricey they are.* From brochures to tumblers and used coffee cups. I'm really getting addicted. Oh my, 'tis bad. Tss. Anyway, back to work again. I'd update the story blog anytime soon, hope you guys could wait.



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